Course Description

As e-learning expectations increase, students face many challenges in transitioning from the more traditional in-person education setting to one that is much more self-directed and complex. Students will learn the best ways to succeed through building new and improved skillsets.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Prepared

    • Welcome to Expert e-Learning: Tips for Success Online

    • Getting Prepared

    • Setting Up Your Workspace

    • Skills and Technology Needed for e-Learning

    • Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • Staying Positive

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 2

    Staying On-Task and Organized

    • Staying On-Task and Organized

    • Reduce Distractions

    • Stay Focused

    • How to Organize

    • Make a Study Plan

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 3

    Time Management

    • Time Management

    • How to Plan Your Day

    • Manage Your e-Learning Course

    • Creating and Using Study Time

    • Manage Your Expectations

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 4

    Additional Support Online

    • Additional Support Online

    • Support and Asking for Help

    • Communication

    • Mental Health and Stress Management

    • Resources

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 5

    Expert e-Learning Quiz

    • Expert e-Learning Quiz

    • Test Your Understanding

    • Summary