Course Description

The cybersecurity workforce is one of the fasting growing professions in the world. This course provides explorations into the various skillsets and job roles of a cybersecurity field professional. It supports students as they begin to explore and plan for college and career pathways.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cybersecurity Careers

    • Welcome to Pathways: Cyber Career Exploration

    • Cybersecurity Careers

    • Why Cybersecurity?

    • Cybersecurity Careers

    • Education Requirements

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 2

    Career Aptitude Test

    • Career Aptitude Test

    • What is an Aptitude Test?

    • Cybersecurity Skills

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 3

    Cybersecurity Pathways

    • Cybersecurity Pathways

    • What You Can Do in High School

    • What You Can Do in Post-Secondary

    • How to Get Your First Job

    • Certifications

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 4

    Resources for Support

    • Resources for Support

    • Exploring Resources

    • What Did You Learn?

  • 5

    Cyber Career Plan

    • Cyber Career Plan

    • Creating Your Career Plan

    • Summary